Having a clean carpet not only prolongs your carpet’s life but keeps you and your family healthy as well. Carpets are good air filters, they trap dirt and bacteria on its fibers. A well maintained carpet increases the value of your home.

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10 Tricks That Your Carpet Company Won’t Tell You:

Tip#1: Maintaining your carpet will save you money in the long run, leaving dirt and stains will only make it harder to expel, even with professional help. Prevention is always better than cure, place an entrance mat as your first line of defense against dirt.

Tip#2 People tend to panic and would react immediately on a spill by rubbing harshly and quickly. This can cause the stain to set more permanently due to the dirt being pushed deep into the fibers where it will be harder to extract without doing some sort of damage to your carpets. This will shorten the carpet’s life significantly by weakening the fibers and paddings.

Tip#3 Some commercial cleaners would just hide the stain only to find out that the stain will reappear later. This is due to the stain receding and not totally extracted. To correct the problem, use a cloth as absorbent and put on weight on top of it and leave it overnight, this will ensure that the cloth will seep the remaining liquid that causes the stain.

Tip#4 Using direct heat is not advisable as it can set the ‘unseen’ stains that is invisible to the naked eye but is actually just resting beneath the carpet’s fibers. When the heat dries the spilled liquid, it will attach itself to the carpet’s root more tenaciously and will require extra strong equipment to break its hold and get extracted. This will cause a certain stress to your carpets no matter how gentle the machines claimed to be. Again, it’s better to know how to handle situations like this before any long lasting damage.

Tip#5 Mechanical brushes that rotates and cleanses are necessary for deeply ingrained stain, but it will incur some stress that can shorten your carpet’s life span tremendously when used frequently. However, combined with steam cleaning, can be beneficial as the steam will loosen the dirt and kill molds and bacteria. As the stain, dirt or debris loosen, less force is needed and therefore less stress for your carpets.

Tip#6 Lemon juice with salt is a good natural combatant for mold and mildew, you can also use hydrogen peroxide (cleaning grade) to remove as well, make sure to test a few drops on a corner to ensure that it will be safe for the carpet.

Tip#7 Water is good cleanser and can take care of most spills, but for those spills with pungent smell, you can counter it with a mixture of water and vinegar. If treated right away, spills will not set permanently as stains.

Tip#8 Vacuum frequently to prevent debris from lodging deep into your carpets, which will make it harder to extract and may require professional help to remove them. Be sure to read the carpet’s manufacturer precaution before using any type of vacuum cleaner. Vacuum bag filters are notorious for breeding germs and bacteria, so always empty them after usage.

Tip#9 Using commercial or industrial cleaning products can cause irreparable damage, so act prudently and follow the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before using.

Tip#10 We save the best tip for last, and it’s preventing the dirt from coming into your house in the first place . Yup, the best tip is to block the dirt, grime and germs from entering your carpets before it even enters your home. Placing a mat, removing shoes and partying outside are some of the ways you can prevent tracking the dirt into your carpet, these might sound superficial, but you’d be surprised to know that you can acutally save your carpets at least a ton of dirt from entering the whole year round.