Gone are the days when Asphalt shingles, clay, slate, or concrete were the only options for homeowners for their roanoke tx roofing. With the fast-evolving world, there is an extraordinary range of choices offering a fresh look to your property.

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In case you were uninformed of the choices and options available for you, here are some of the different types of roofing for you to consider and know about.

1. Metal – Available in shingles or vertical panels, metal colorbond roofing in Roanoke, Texas is known to last for about 60 years. Metals are best at sloughing off the heavy snow, it as well protects from burning and can resist strong winds. The best thing about metal is, it is extremely lightweight and can be installed over existing roofs too. However, the disadvantage of such materials is that they can get really noisy during thunderstorms and might as well sent from hail.

2. Asphalt Shingles – The most common and popular roofing option, it is expected to be replaced after 20 years. It is relatively inexpensive and budget-friendly side and is effective in all environmental circumstances.

3. Clay and Concrete Tiles – Such options are the best to endure damages from hurricanes, tornadoes, winds, and even earthquakes. It suits warm and dry climates the finest and might require extra support to tolerate their weight. One of the major consequences of Clay and Concrete Tiles for roofing is that it is likely to break when stepped on.

4. Slate – Slates are known to have a life expectancy of more than 100 years. It can resist fire, is waterproof, and does not get affected by mold and fungus. It is best suited for an area with wet climates. The major disadvantages of slates are that it gets easily broken if walked on, is comparatively heavier than other variants and belong on the expensive side.

5. Solar Tiles – One of the most popular and sought-after options for conservationists, advanced solar tiles or collectors can be integrated flawlessly into your current shingles. It is acknowledged to generate up to 1killowatt of energy per 100 square feet. One of the benefits of such material is that it could help offset the energy cost with solar energy, yet these are quite expensive than the traditional solar choices.

6. Stone-Coated Steel – Stone-coated colorbond roofing in Roanoke, Texas is well-known to resist damage caused by heavy rains, winds, hail, uplifting and freeze-thaw cycles. The appearance (interlocking panel pattern) every so often mimics clay slate or shingles. This variant is the most effective and cost-effective choice for wet and windy areas.

7. Rubber Slate – Rubber slates look natural and awesome as well. It is well-known to last for approximately 100 years. However, rubber slates are prone to damages by satellite dishes and walking. This as well shows that it might get broken and destroyed by hail.

8. Built-Up Roofing – Built-up roofing is made up of layers of asphalt, tar, or adhesive topped with aggregate. Gravel and tar, are the best top decks with heavy foot traffic. But, it can get pretty sticky in summer and is a bit difficult to shovel snow off from it then compared to smooth surfaces. Built-up roofs are as well recognized to last for 20 to 25 years approximately.

9. Green Roofs – Another environment-friendly option, green roofs are roofed with small plants that can carry in a quality change in the air surrounding you. It can as well decrease water runoff and insulates your home to bring down the heat. Nevertheless, find and search variants desire and additional structural support, water filtration, a vapor barrier, soil, thermal insulation, compost, waterproofing, drainage, and plants. The estimated lifespan of green roofs to be roughly about 40 years.

Regardless of the type, roofs need appropriate maintenance and can get damaged otherwise. Consider getting in touch with experts to maintain your roof from time to time to lessen your cost and increase the lifespan of the roof over your head. Contact Roanoke’s Best Roofing and Repair LLC for all your roofing needs, they are happy to serve you.